I have severe allergies. Can you guarantee I won’t react?2019-11-21T14:54:38-05:00

We have done everything in our power to prevent shedding puppies. This tends to work well for families with mild/moderate allergies, and *usually* those with severe allergies related to coat and dander. However, some with severe allergies may react to things beyond a dog’s coat, such as dog saliva, for example, obviously impossible to breed out of a dog.

The best thing would be to attend our Open Visitation Days, or gauge your experience with other ‘hypoallergenic’ dog breeds. Have you been around Poodles before? How did your allergies perform then?

Can I come visit my puppy?2020-02-10T15:18:05-05:00

We do have a monthly Open Visitation Day from 10am to 4pm. You’re welcome to make a day of it or just pop in for 20 minutes, depending on your preference! We also welcome family and friends, the more the merrier!

Is a deposit ever refundable?2020-08-10T11:49:20-04:00

All deposits are non refundable.

If you have a deposit on a particular dog and no longer desire that dog, your deposit is transferable to an older dog.

All deposits do count towards the final price.

Do you have a puppy application or approval process?2020-02-17T10:23:11-05:00

We want the adoption experience to work for all parties involved. We are always here (before or after your puppy goes home with you) if you have any training, health, or upbringing questions. We also will provide regular preparation tips to help your family prepare to bring your little one home.

We know that adopting one of our dogs takes more forethought than adopting from the pet store across the street, so we are relying on the fact that you’ve thought this through before committing. We will ALWAYS TAKE OUR PUPPIES BACK if you decide you are unable to care for them, but will not refund you unless there has been a breach of contract on our part.

Can I breed a litter or two with my dog?2019-11-21T14:53:13-05:00

No, none of our puppies are sold with breeding rights. Since this is our livelihood, and we’ve poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into health and coat testing the dogs in our program, it is something we strictly enforce and follow-up on.

How do I reserve a puppy for my family?2019-11-21T14:52:49-05:00

Visit our Available Puppies page and have a look around. If you’d like more pictures or information on a specific puppy, just ask! Once you find the perfect puppy, send a deposit to claim him/her and we’ll begin sending you weekly pictures, video, and preparation tips to get you ready for the BIG DAY!

Would you suggest adopting a male or a female puppy?2019-11-21T14:52:25-05:00

We believe most gender-influenced personality differences disappear once they are spayed or neutered (which we require). You couldn’t go wrong with either

What’s the difference between Labradoodles and Goldendoodles in a nutshell?2019-11-21T14:52:06-05:00

In our opinion, Labradoodles and Goldendoodles share far more similarities than differences. They both share that Retriever-like, family-friendly and easily-trained temperament. They will have similar coats and Poodle ratios. They both will make unforgettable companions. We’ve known quiet demeanored and more-outgoing dogs of both breeds. Really, it’s very hard to differentiate the two. Labradoodle coats can be a little more ‘wiry’, with a thicker hair follicle.

What’s your definition of non-shedding? Don’t all mammals shed?2020-02-17T10:24:04-05:00

Great question! Yes, all mammals technically shed, even humans. However, we believe there is a difference between a Retriever that blows their coat (covering the furniture and the floor) and a Poodle (or human), who will lose strands of hair with determined tugging or purposeful brushing. You may find a hair or two lying around, but it won’t cover your clothes or home in all the corners.

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I see a lot of F1, F1b, F2b terminology online. What does all that mean and what generation is my puppy?2020-01-09T11:26:35-05:00
  • An F1 Doodle is half Retriever and half Poodle. These maintain a lot of the Retriever qualities, but usually still shed a good deal.

  • An F1b Doodle is the product of an F1 Doodle (see above) bred back to a Poodle, for a higher chance at low/non-shedding puppies. Half of an F1b litter should be non-shedding like their Poodle-daddy, and half will still shed like their F1 mother.

  • What about an F2b, F2, F3, and all those other number/letter combinations? There are countless Doodle variations these days. There are ways to guarantee non-shedding puppies in any of those combinations, but if done wrongly (without coat testing), there’s always a chance of those Retriever coat genes coming through. Any of those generations could still have shedding puppies (even if the parents don’t shed) if the wrong recessive genes match up.

  • Our puppies are Multigenerational Doodles (commonly called Multigens), the result of a tested, non-shedding F1b adult bred back to another tested, non-shedding F1b or later generation.  It’s the only way to guarantee a full, non-shedding litter of puppies.

Shedding info
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Shedding info


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